I’m always excited about receiving fabulous material to work with but was very surprised at my reluctance to actually cut it up into smaller pieces! I used so many avoidance tactics to start using it and began feeling guilty at not writing this product review sooner. It was fast becoming ‘my precious’ and I wanted to hide it away from everyone!

I pondered for a long time as to what to do with it. The fabulous Octasaurus Rex free Quilt pattern on the Makower UK website is great but as I only had one square of each 10 x 10 inch design to play with I couldn’t make a huge quilt. I searched and sifted through many pattern designs consigning them to the bin as I didn’t think they would do justice to this fabric.

Check out the Octosaurus Rex free Quilt pattern here: http://www.makoweruk.com/section/rex/

I thought ‘Who would be best to help me make up my mind? and as I was spending the weekend at my daughter’s I naturally sought the advice of my 6 year old grandson Henry as he quite likes dinosaurs. He wanted a pillow, nothing else, just something to lay his head on at night that Nanna had made as his Shaun the Sheep tapestry cushion will soon need replacing.

Quite by chance, I came across a design for a puffy quilt and I had that light bulb moment. Something fun, different and would, hopefully, appeal to Henry.

So, to the fabric … 2 of the fabric pieces had a large pattern so they became a central feature of the puffy pillow quilt. All the fabric designs and colours complement each other very well (see picture below). The quality of the material is of the usual high standard Makower produce. The material handles well, sews like a dream and there was very little fray on the edges of each cut. I tested some by hand-washing and drying naturally and they did not shrink at all.

I started making the ‘puffy quilt’ by taking two of the designs 10” squares and marking it vertically and horizontally into 4 smaller squares. I added some backing material and sewed approx 1/8 inch from the centre lines creating 4 pillows like so:

Stuff each small pillow with wadding – decide on how ‘puffy’ you want each square to be and adjust the wadding accordingly. Next, cut the remaining fabric into 4 ½” squares (same for the backing material) and sew ¼ inch seams around 3 edges – I cut out 16 more ‘pillow cases’ for my design.

Stuff the rest of the ‘pillow cases’ with wadding and either baste or pin to close the ‘pillow’. I would suggest basting together as this makes it easier when stitching it all together.

Design your pillow by placing the pillow puffs as you want them – for Henry’s pillow I used 24 pillows in all. The beauty of this design is that you can make this as large or as small as you wish.

Sew each pillow puff as below – take a row at a time, overlap each ‘pillow’ by ¼ inch and baste (or pin if preferred) then sew each row together to create a bigger pillow. This can be quite fiddly to do – but stick with it – it’s worth it in the end!

When you have sewn each row together choose a border material and cut a bias strip to the width of your choice x the perimeter of the whole pillow – I went for 2½” wide strips for Henry’s pillow.

Voila, and here it is, finished! Why not have a go at making one yourself?

Henry is delighted with his pillow and, as dinosaurs are one of his favourites, Makower UK have certainly got the target audience right for these designs. (However, I can see that the designs below may appeal to other age groups too!)

So, if you’re stuck on deciding what fabric to use for a delightful little person in your life why not try the Makower UK Rex range of designs to make something special.

Finally, thank you to Makower UK for providing UKQU.co.uk with this wonderful Rex fabric to review, and to UKQU.co.uk for giving me the opportunity to do so.