One of my most favourite quilts that I have made, because of who received it. A woman I had never met but had heard a lot about. My friend Katie was personally driving a 7.5 Ton lorry with her friend Jill, as part of an Aid Convoy to Kosovo, with a charity called Hope and Aid Direct. Previously half my excess wardrobe had gone too on one of their Aid Convoys, and since then my late father’s clothes were also donated.

The local organiser in Kosovo, who volunteers for the Mother Teresa Foundation out there, who co-ordinates the families and villages most in need of aid, had tragically lost her husband, also a volunteer, before their child Anika was even born.

So in secret, without telling my friend Katie, I made a quilt for Mirlanda to give her a Quilty hug, because even after all her personal suffering, she was still helping others. I had a tight deadline because Katie was due to leave for Kosovo in a matter of weeks.

I finished the top and then backed it with a cosy flannel fabric

I also made a matching Teddy for the baby Anika, and sent a hot water bottle & cover for them, both made from the scraps left over from the quilt.


I then took the Quilt, Teddy & Hot Water Bottle round to my friend Katie, literally on the eve of her departure on this gruelling drive across Europe to Kosovo. They had a team of two in each cab to help with tiredness and then literally slept in the back of the lorries at night on this epic drive, however it was no mean feat as she had never driven a truck before. She was very touched by my gesture and adored the quilt and accessories. She was really looking forward to handing over this precious cargo to Mirlanda in person when they arrived.

Needless to say the gift was a great success, Mirlanda was so surprised & adored it, and was very touched by this gesture from a woman she had never met.




    1. Teresa Barrow Post author

      It was a double gift, initially to a dear local friend who was given the precious task of driving it there, and then her pride & pleasure in then presenting it to the recipients Mirlanda & Anika the baby.