Now, I was asked to make a quilt from a pack of Oakshott Fabrics Starshott, which is a slightly odd, subtle coloured selection.. I wanted something simple, and improvised, of course, and trimmable, without doubt..

So, here’s the thing – three pieces 6 by 7 inches, on the mat Right Sides Up, and with two dark and one light piece

Layer exactly on top of each other and cut twice

Curve from right to left, and bottom to top, and get narrower towards the top, but not less than 1 inch at the topmost edge on that central piece..
(Note, left-handed? Your spirals will go around the other way…)

Arrange the pieces like so, to make three little blocks – each with all three colours, and keeping all the Right Way Up and the Right Way Round, please

Sew each set of three back together. Set the pieces Right Sides Together, and make sure, for best economy, that the edges are offset just a tad, like this.. Match the seam at the top, then ease it gently around as you go along, without stretching the bias edge.. Gently, now…

Press towards the darker colours in each block, seam allowances to one side. You should not need to snip anywhere…

Trim, as we almost always do.. These came out very nicely to 5-1/2 inches, but yours may vary. If much smaller, trim smaller blocks, or make a smaller seam allowance. If much bigger, your seams may be a tad on the mean side…

Set into blocks of four, with the central fabric matching each time, and spiralling sweetly like so…

Flimsy, on lawn, sparkling nicely in the Winter sunshine.. Finished quilt is the header image

And here, other sizes, simpler colours.. Start with a square 1 inch taller and 2 inches longer than your finished size

And, have fun…

Next time – how to quilt your Improvishnesses

Bless you all