That moment when you are pressing a quilt top – from the back – removing stray threads and preparing to layer it up for quilting . . . and you find a seam that is hanging on by a few threads. What to do? There’s no way you can re-stitch it without distorting that part of the quilt. It’s bound to be right in the middle so no way are you going to want to unpick the offending piece, cut a new one and stitch in.

(And don’t get me started on expensive fabric that frays likes ****)

Back to where we were – what to do? Find a wee snip of iron-in Vilene (interfacing) is the answer. Snip off a piece just large enough to cover that seam. Place it ‘bobbly’ side down and press in place – with a dry iron, steam makes it curl up and die . . and stick to the iron!

This should be enough to hold everything in place securely and your quilting will reinforce it. Job done!