A well earned half term flew by, but I ensured I worked my through my project list. I finally got lavender Lane block of the month into one piece. It all went wrong!, that sinking feeling set in several times when I realised I had sewn one section on upside down as seen in the photo below. After a few hours of relaxing or calming all was unpicked and fixed. Now it’s in one piece it’s a beautiful piece, it reminds me of a sampler quilt. Lots of different styles and techniques. I learnt a lot, what I like to do and what I will avoid like the plague. Some techniques look stunning and I will be incorporating them in other pieces. I have managed to layer it with a lovely Hobbs wadding and a grey back but I have no idea how to quilt it. I’ll be visiting springfields quilt show in June so I’m considering holding on until then to view other quilts for inspiration and looking at templates.

I’ve been steadily working on the twelve days of Xmas which I’m testing for  niftyneedles.com. It’s coming together nicely looking better now it’s almost complete, my mother has already laid claim to it!

I also bite the bullet and signed up to the mini swap this time, I’ve been stalking by swapee and I have an design idea and a colour scheme. I’m just waiting a few days to see if I will change this idea. I’m still petrified about the process, hoping my partner will like the quilt I make, design and colours. This process has made me reflect on work I have completed, my partner was impressed and has suggested I keep a photo album of work I have completed, this is high praise from him.

 I also made myself a lap quilt top, I have recently been diagnosed with Raynards disease so I feel the cold in my fingers mainly. I chose a Kaffe charm pack to mark a quilt top, but I couldn’t believe the difference the background colour made, I tried the colourful blocks against black and white, see for yourself the difference.

In the last weekend in April I am attending a workshop with Emma Bradford, seen on sewing quarter. I will tell more in my next blog. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  1. Teresa Barrow

    The black background really makes the Kaffe Fasset Collective fabrics zing. The Lavender Lane quilt is exquisite, I adore the twiddled blocks. Taking pictures is essential to remember what you have made, especially if the quilt is going to a new home.