I showed you a couple of my jackets. I recently noticed quite some wear and tear on some of them.

Not too strange when you take into account they were made in the early 2000s. It’s mainly the silk parts that are deteriorating, probably from laundering but also from simply wearing.

Here you can see the silk organza is worn away on the sleeve of my Ocean Jacket.

As there is another fabric underneath I decided to just leave it. I think it adds to the character.

Some other jackets need some help though.

For instance the cuffs of my Rose jacket have starting to fray. I decided to simply zig-zag the edges. In other places there were some small rips, I simply  machine stitched over them. And added more of the decorative rose leaves.

There were some parts on the sleeves where the silk really gave out. Only in one direction though, I guess the original warp. I decided to to some old-fashioned darning by hand. Similar to Boro stitching.

I will still have to add a bit more!

The third jacket that needs to be repaired is my crazy quilt jacket. The organza sleeves ripped at the elbows when I was wearing it. I cut them off. I will still have to come up with a solution

 suggestion for me?