Gulliver had a very important job to do this week. He took a very special parcel to the post office. In his parcel are 6 quilts featuring himself. They are from the UKQU competitions from last year. 6 monthly competitions based on a theme. Gulliver was very fortunate to be asked to send all 6 of his entries. He is a very proud and honoured little seagull to have been asked to do this.


June- Tea for Two

In this quilt we see Gulliver and his girlfriend Gail enjoying tea on the beach watching as the sun sets. Which it does into the sea at this time of year in Whitby. What a wonderful way to end the day.


July- Sunshine and smiles

Playing in the beach with smiley balloons. What’s not to love.



August- Summer Picnic

Where else would a little gull have his picnic other than on the sea, and what else would you expect a little gull to have other than fish and chips, which he very kindly shares with his friends .


September- Indian Summer

Gulliver has gone all native in this quilt, found his inner spirit. Joining in with Ganesha they enjoy some relaxing times. Lots of notions brought back from a trip to India.


October- Autumn leaves

I bet you all remember kicking Autumn leaves, in fact some of you probably still do, I know I do. Gulliver is no different.



November- Winter Wonderland

Gulliver never misses a chance to help out. This time he’s helping Jack Frost make magic with his very own wand. Brrr.


All 6 quilts, all with all the other winners and runners up are on their way to the Grosvenor Quilt shows this Summer and Autumn. They can be seen starting at

The Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate, 30Aug-1Sept

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Newark, 13-15 Sept

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Malvern, 18-20 Oct

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Duxford, 25-27 Oct

The Autumn Quilt Festival, Kent, 8-9 Nov

Springfields Christmas Quilt Show, Spalding, 6-7 Dec

Hope you can get to see what looks like an exciting exhibition and shows. Gulliver would love to hear which ones you go to and what you thought. He would love it if you could take your photo with him, and your fav quilt.