You think you have a great idea, but when you start you remember why that piece of work was put to one side. Although this Hawaiian quilt top is beautiful and I enjoyed the workshop to assemble it I just find the sewing around it very time consuming and my shoulders ache. As much as I attempt to sit back with shoulders back I find it extremely difficult to remain in this position. I am sitting at the dining room table which I know is not ideal but it’s the best I have for now. I will continue with this beautiful piece in short sessions and lots of shoulder exercises.

The swap piece is finished, I adore it even tho it’s in colours I would never choose or a pattern I would have overlooked and in a style I never attempted before! It’s terrifying to think my partner my not like it or be disappointed with it.

Only a few weeks left of school, then festival of quilts! We have workshops booked and a hotel, I’ve been saving all year and I cannot wait! I’m hoping to attend a ukqu met up around the workshops we’ve booked. It would be lovely to met some of the lovely people I read about.

I finally found a little bit of time to pick up a book, a while ago on the ukqu Facebook page someone recommended the quilters apprentice, from the elm creek series. It’s quite an interesting read, the historic facts about some blocks are very interesting it’s a shame this history has been lost in modern quilting.