I recently went to a wedding in London and would be passing a “new to me” quilt shop on the way – it would therefore be rude not to stop!

Whilst wandering around I spotted that they had Schmetz Gold needles. I had not come across these before although I have always used Schmetz in all my various machines. These are a titanium nitride coated needle and are more expensive than a standard needle; they only seem to be available as an embroidery needle but were available in two thicknesses of needle – 90/14 and 75/11.

I asked in the shop what the benefits of these needles were but the shop assistants did not know – the person that would, apparently, know was not available as she would be at a show. This was not a lot of help to me……….

Reading the package it states that the titanium nitride coating improves needle wear resistance in high stitch count applications so having both an embroidery machine and a long arm quilting machine I thought I would give them a go.

I have loaded one into my long arm machine but to date I have not seen much difference – maybe it is early days but as I change the needle for each quilt (two at a push) I am not convinced that these are worth the additional money and I would be very grateful to have your experiences of Gold needles…………