I was recently asked to review a pack of Gütermann threads that came with an assortment of Prym hand sewing needles and a set of Schmetz universal machine sewing needles. There were ten reels of 100 meters 100% polyester threads, a brand I regularly use for general sewing, in a range of popular colours. Due to them being poly I wouldn’t use them for my usual quilting but they are ideal for dressmaking and any smaller craft projects and the colour selection was good. Black and white, two greens, two blues, a burgundy, a red, orange and yellow finished the set.

Gütermann Creativ Bonus  Pack

The machine needles, again the trusted make of Schmetz, were in sizes 70 to 90. Again, a good selection for general sewing in the usual plastic container.

Prym Hand Sewing Needles
Schmetz Machine Needles

Next was a round of 30 Prym needles in various sizes. There was one tapestry/needlepoint needle right through to finer sharps for general sewing. The container is one of those turn to release needles out of the side slot type, which I do tend to find a little annoying as they can be tricky to get the particular needle you want but, on the plus side, they are easy and safe to carry around. Although do try and remember to close it up properly, I didn’t on one occasion and a few fell out! The needles themselves were of a finer quality, lovely, shiny and sharp. I also found them easy to thread and again, they are of a trusted manufacturer so I would expect no less.

I used the contents for sewing a button back onto my son’s shirt, he happened to ask as I unpacked the kit so it was an ideal time to try it out. Lovely sewing thread that didn’t knot and sharp hand sewing needle that did the job in a quick and efficient time.

The pack is ideal for a newer sewer who perhaps needs a mini kit to get them going. I was thinking it’s a perfect set as a Christmas gift for someone just starting out but, as a regular sewer, I did find this handy to have around. We don’t change our needles, machine or hand, as regularly as we should and both of these sets are nice needles. The pack retails at £18.50 and stockist information can be requested by email from Gü[email protected]