Look who I was talking to recently, and he is really encouraging to speak with.   I asked Stuart about his lovely Rainbow Etchings range of fabrics that the Craft Cotton Company have donated as the first prize in our new September competition . and he has popped over this article of encouragement.    Stuart will be around at the Festival of Quilts this year again so make sure you introduce yourself to him if you see him.

“Somewhere over the rainbow” is the theme of the first of UKQU’s competitions this year and I’m so proud and thrilled that a bundle of my Rainbow Etchings fabrics has been donated by The Craft Cotton Company as first prize… I do really hope you’ll enter the competition; it’s all about showing your passion, your imagination and your dreams… I don’t know about you but when I’m not sewing I’m probably either eating or sleeping and both activities have inspired quilts in the past!

I certainly dream in glorious vivid colours and wake up every morning ready to make something beautiful! My earliest memories are of making things…knitting clothes for my action man (a maxi dress in case you were wondering!) or sewing little bags or making patchwork pincushions. I’ve always been completely in love with colour and the best gifts I ever received as a little boy were the packs of coloured pencils, or crayons, or a tin of new watercolour paints or a bag of assorted yarns from a friend of my Mums…I would arrange and rearrange the colours into all sorts of different schemes and orders but the one that sticks in my mind most vividly is a rainbow.

 There’s something so natural, and glorious about that ROYGBIV order that always makes my heart soar. Rainbow Etchings started life in my head decades ago and has been swirling around ever since. The designs are simple, the colours are vivid and the cotton fabric itself is a really beautiful quality that will guarantee gorgeous results that last.

 Working with The Craft Cotton Company is always a joy…the team there are so motivated to make beautiful products and support the quilting and sewing community. I love getting together with everyone there to talk about fabric and share new ideas and they truly have open minds and open hearts and a quest to produce wonderful fabrics that our community with fall in love with.

 “Somewhere over the rainbow” comes, of course, from MGM’s The Wizard of Oz and the song is all about dreams of another world, another place or time where dreams come true…being a professional quilt, author and fabric designer is certainly a dream come true for me…I wonder what you’ll find…over the rainbow?

Everyone here at UKQU HQ are hoping Stuart’s comments will inspire you all to create beautiful quilts to enter the competition!