Makower UK have come out with another lovely range called Cool Cats and within the samples to  the left you will find Jumping Cats, Scatter, Parade and a Wavy Stripe.  They are in lovely hues and there are some great designs of our feline friends.  I don’t like animals in general but I can appreciate the designs and feel they would be lovely to use when making gifts for a cat lover or for children.  The fabric is 100% cotton. very soft and lovely to work with.  The Makeower website at have free downloadable patterns designed for this collection so it is worth exploring further.

Having been sent a selection of layer cake sized pieces it took me no time at all to decide on a pattern.  I wanted to keep it simple so that the fabric shone through, so I layered the fabric pieces in piles of five and cut diagonally from corner to corner both ways and mixed the pieces up.  With right sides together the pieces were stitched down one side (centre to outer edge).  These were chain pieced and then pressed open resulting in a larger triangle.  The pieces were again matched right sides together and stitched across the long sides forming a square.  These were then pressed open.

This fabric was lovely to sew and didn’t fray at all, not even when unpicked (that is always good to know, if like me, you regularly loose concentration and sew the wrong bit to the wrong piece or in the wrong way!).

Now what to do with the blocks? I tried laying them out in a number of different ways such as directly touching (left), with white sashing (right), with alternating white squares (below).

Final decision  has to be reached but I think I am leaning towards white squares with cat appliques.

Watch this space and find out how I complete the quilt………..