Ten days ago I received a real treat. It was a little package of fabric from the Makower “Indigo” range. This is a beautiful 100% cotton range of fabrics in prints encompassing koi carp imagery, chrysanthemum flowers, traditional Japanese scenes and even a hexagon print with some sashiko motifs. It has a lovely soft handle, but has a comfortable weight to it. It’s not flimsy at all.  And did I mention, totally yummy, scrummy and gorgeous!

The package had 14 squares, one from each of the prints in the range, and each one was approximately 9½” square.

I wanted to make something that would showcase the fabrics but have some interest too. It also needed to be “Beginner Friendly”.

I enlisted the support of my super son and he put a light square with a dark and drew diagonal lines across the light squares. This was all quite random – as is much of my life!

In each pair of fabrics, I stitched both sides of one of the diagonal lines and cut along both of the diagonal lines.  I should have stitched them in navy so that you could have seen the stitching better.

This gave me 28 half square triangles, each made up of two fabrics.  You get two right handed sets (where the light fabric is on the right) and two left handed sets.

Continuing the random theme, I then put paired the created triangles and stitched along the diagonal to make squares.  And squared them all up to the same size.

It’s just like country dancing! You put in a lot of effort to arrive back where you started!

I then popped the squares up on my design wall and started to play around with the arrangement.  I can really only make use of 12 of the blocks though, not all 14.

And that is as far as I have gone! There is a nice pinwheel option going on here. I think this is the one I am going to go with.

And then I have to think about backing and quilting.

I’ll keep you updated.


  1. Teresa Barrow

    In complete love with this new range, I am still hoarding lots of Moda Shibori & other hand dyed Indigo fabrics from the amazing Tracy Fox, so this will be an option for making reversible quilts where the backing will complement the front. I really like the way you have shown the different arrangements for the finished blocks.