Some of you may have read some of my stories in the past, there were stand alone episodes about breaking an Olfa cutting mat, how to tackle a Moda Scrap Bag, a charity quilt that got taken to Kosovo on an Aid Convoy & the harrowing story of Grenfell and how a group of quilters made 1111 quilts for the survivors, families of the bereaved and first responders.

Then I started a light hearted & tongue in cheek series about things you can’t put on quilts, take photographs of, and then put the resulting pictures on most major Facebook Quilting Groups as they are somewhat frowned upon. This covered predominantly babies & children, cats and dogs. Well I managed to cover all of those easily, and managed to imaginatively cover pretty most of the animal kingdom in my 6 part series entitled “Controversial Moi”.

You can find all my previous blogs HERE

I thought I could get away without writing any more blogs or stories, but the “powers that be” at the UKQU website wanted more of my strange stories or ramblings. I have a butterfly brain which infuriates other people & of course myself, because I jump in a totally irrational barmy manner from one topic to another, in no particular order, and usually frustratingly in mid conversation!

I thought of the name “Marvellous Meandering Musings”, which meant I would not have write stories to be in any particular order, which suited my bonkers thinking and usual haphazard conversation style. I could just write about anything, whenever I felt like it, in no particular order ….. Phew that’s sorted! Then I had a brain burb (other rude names could of course be substituted). I have an old bright blue Citroen Picasso Air Dream. Like me she is long in the tooth, a funny shape, but usually reliable. She was my late mother’s car which used to poodle around North Wales with my nearly blind frail father as a non commenting passenger because he could not see where they were going!. She was new in 2006 and in 2015 had still only done 18,000 miles. My 93 yr old mother was still driving it until a couple of weeks before she sadly died of Sepsis. She is called Mildred so my new blogs are going to be “Mildred’s Marvellous Meandering Musings”


I just remembered that I shrink wrapped the fake Christmas tree last year …. genuinely ….. after years of have you done it yet? (equivalent to toddlers in the back seat on a long car journey doing the inevitable “Are we there yet?” ) but far far worse! ….. Years of going giddy just to put the lights round it… it’s not a maypole you know.

So I rebelled last year … I didn’t take it down, I just dropped it to the floor like a Ninja and rolled it over in shrink wrap & bin liners and parcel tape confined it. Looks like a dead body in the shed to be totally honest…. Lights, dingly danglies, decorations, tinsel and all. This year should be a breeze.

It was really quick, shrink wrap cut in minutes and the tree was up and lights plugged in! Ta Da!

I then decided to get a wreath for the front door. Last year I made an outstanding one at a local craft morning but could not do it this year so I had to buy a pre made one.

I went to Waitrose but there was only wreath left which was a bit on the bare side with a bow and some berries at the top, but it did promise twinkly lights to go around the woven willow.

A wreath from Waitrose who’s twinkly lights would then not work. I could not find the receipt to take the non working twinkly lights adorned wreath back for a refund. So I did some sewing for Christmas. 63p’s worth of Sprouts originally destined for Christmas lunch, sharp tapestry needle, yards & yards of embroidery thread in a fetching Spruce Green, plus hours of work shoving the needle through the sprout stalks. I was quite proud of my unique artisan creation. My husband absolutely hates it, but at least he then hung it on our front door!  At least I won’t have to go shopping for a weeks worth of anti flatulence tablets for him if they had ended up on a plate. Donations of replacement sprouts not needed, but many festive greetings to family and sewing friends!



    1. Teresa Barrow Post author

      Thinking of contacting Waitrose Customer Services ref the twinkly lights wreath which had no ⭐️ Twinkles but how their products have given the wreath a new lease of life, at least it will give one of their staff a laugh!