All of us rely on the best tools we can afford in order to achieve the best possible results in our patchwork and quilting. Cutting mats are no exception as they prevent our work surfaces getting damaged and ensure our cutting tools don’t get blunt.

Recently I volunteered to review a cutting mat and was very pleased when the Sew Easy Double Sided Cutting Mat appeared in the post.  When I opened the parcel I found an 18″ by 12″ double sided cutting mat which was very flexible and yet substantial.  An excellent size for taking to class, workshop or on retreat.

One side of the mat is black and one is grey which  is good for contrasting with the fabrics you are cutting.  One side is marked in imperial measurements and one in metric but both sides have angles of 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees marked on making it easy to line up fabric for cutting at angles.

When testing the self-healing mat I lined up fabric on the grid and matched the ruler along one of the angled markings.  The cut was very smooth to make with little pressure required and no marks made on the mat.


Black side of the mat
Grey side of the mat

The mats I currently own are kept flat when not in use so it was lovely to find that this one has a hole in one end so you can hang it up. That would solve a storage solution for me for sure.  This really feels like a good quality cutting mat and I can heartily recommend it.