Vliseline plays a big part in quilting, but there’s lots of other products that homemakers, upholsterers and more that would be of interest.

There are Vlieseline qualities to suit every home interior project, whether you’re quilting a cushion, reinforcing upholstery covers, interlining curtains, making tie backs and pelmets or coordinating kitchen and bathroom accessories.

Here are a few from the wide range available;

S320 iron-on is the best choice for soft pelmets

Once fused, this quality adds very little bulk but just enough body as it is firm yet still flexible. Three widths available;– 30, 45 & 90cm.

S520 Iron-On for a firmer finish

For pelmets and also ideal for bag making, belts and creative handicrafts, this quality gives a more substantial handle. Three widths – 30,45 & 90 cms.

Rigid and compact; S133 iron-on

A very stiff and compact quality, perfect for making rigid pelmets, decorative boxes and other 3 dimensional projects, there are three widths available;– 30, 45 & 90 cms.

Extra thick, pliable pelmet; S80 sew-in

This wonderfully versatile quality is substantial in thickness yet very flexible and useful for soft furnishing projects where top stitching or further embellishment is required. It provides the best choice if an iron-on quality is unsuitable and is available in 30 and 90cm widths, white only.

*Testing a small piece of your chosen Vlieseline on a scrap of fabric that you plan to use for the project is recommended to ensure the handle meets your requirements before you start.

To find out more about Vlieseline products, please visit; www.vlieseline.com