Just a quick and easy pattern for you today, brilliant for appliqué and hand sewing. My friend, Veronica, showed me one she had made and said how fantastic it was. It really is, such a simple idea but you’ll find it so useful.


4″ Square of fabric. If you have smaller hands, then 3½” will be enough. You can fussy cut the square, you’ll need the bit of the pattern you want on the top diagonal half of the square.

1 Penny.

Toy Stuffing. (Walnut shells or wire wool can be added as they help keep your pins sharp. Even a bit of natural wool can help as the lanolin oil stops them rusting.)

Fold the square in half on the diagonal, right sides together.

Sew around the raw edges, leaving a gap for turning.

Turn right side out.

Partially stuff with toy stuffing.

Once almost full, slide the penny into the pincushion. Ensure the penny is at the bottom where it will sit against your skin to protect you from the pins.

Finish stuffing. You do not need to get all the way into the two outside narrow corners.

Sew gap closed.

Pull around the narrow ends into a ring, sew together and fill with pins!