With summer almost over and people returning to work and school in earnest again, I have selected a feel-good story for us to read during September. We’ll get to know master quilter Grace and her granddaughter Audrey, as Grace is sharing her skills (quilting as well as life related).

The book is called Our Family Quilt: The Fabric of Life and was written by Rhonda CrattyIt’s available for free if you’re subscribing to Kindle Unlimited.  

As the title of the book sort of eludes to, Grace and Audrey are creating a quilt recording the ups and downs of normal family life throughout generations.

Throughout the book Cratty has included quilting history as well as instructions for various projects (some non quilting ones too); and there’re plenty of ideas for overcoming everyday challenges and growing to believe in yourself (without turning it into a self-help book!). It’s like having a bonus grand mother talking to you.

Audrey, 12 years old; “The idea of quilting makes me feel like I’m doing math homework.”
Grace, the Grandma, responds; “You just haven’t found your math way.”

Grace then proceeds to ‘teach’ Audrey maths by involving her in everyday activities like shopping, baking, counting inventory, and sewing of course.

Grace also ensures Audrey that quilting is not difficult at all, as “You start with picking fabric and design, and then just one stitch at a time.”

All in all, a very enjoyable read, with a few tears but way more smiles.

Quotes and thoughts from the book

Just like with our August book, this was one of those books, where I found I went looking for a pen to mark sentences which caught my eye. Below are some of them;

  • Can’t we just be OK, not fantastic, not horrible, just – normal?
  • .. life always changes. It’s how we react to those changes that gauges if we are going to have an easy time or a hard time
  • Sore, stiff and silly

Read more by Rhonda Cratty

If you enjoyed the book, Rhonda Cratty published the second book in the series just a few months ago. The second book is called Our 12 Quilts: The Fabric of Life Book 2 and focuses on Helen and her granddaughter Jana who you’ll recognise from the first book.

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