Sunflowers are a particular favourite of mine, it just rings out ‘summer’ with their beautiful sunshine heads you could almost draw a smiley face on it. Who remembers Bill & Ben’s Little Weed? Not so much a weed to me, more a sunflower.


Helianthus Annuus which is Greek for sun & flower and the french word for sunflower is ‘tournesol’ which literally means ‘turns with the sun’, this trait is called heliotropism.

We bought a packet of sunflower seeds and watched them grow…and grow…and grow. We thought they were 3′ full growth but have grown to a whopping 9′

Which in comparison with the worlds tallest sunflower is miniature.The Guinness book of records has Hans-Peter Schiffer with a sunflower just over 30′ tall…wow! That’s approximately the height of two double decker buses!

The bees love them and we will keep the seeds for growing next year, and as there are literally thousands of seeds, there’ll be plenty for the birds too.

A group of smaller sunflowers.

Last year I joined in the RSPB competition to make a small nature quilt with the allocated badge. This was a great project raising hundreds of pounds for RSPB, this was one of my entries.


I really enjoyed making this little quilt so I have chosen the Sunflower to make for the Summer Flower blocks, and you can find the pattern here…

You can find more of my patterns here…

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