I love lupins. They grew in our garden when I was little and I would pick the petals off and manipulate then like they were little mouths. I don’t think I’d seen one in years until a recent chance sighting at a B&M garden centre.

They’re so impressive; you can’t miss them in a garden. Purple is the first colour I think of, but they can come in everything from red to white to orange too. I did buy one for my garden and I’m trying to keep it alive, but if you know anything about my gardening ability, you know it’s probably already very very dead.

This is a chance to get out your Inktense or fabric paints and just have a go. It’s practically impossible to get these wrong. And if you love a lupin but the idea of painting fills you with dread, you could always use the design to cut out some scraps of fabric and do some raw edge applique instead.

The pattern includes lupin stalks going right and left, one bigger than the other, plus two different sized leaves. You can change the size in your printer settings and use one lupin stalk or fifteen, it’s up to you.

The pattern is sized for a 12” square block (12 ½” unfinished) as part of our Garden Flowers Blog Hop

All the patterns are free and available in the UKQU Merchandise shop. To buy a pattern you add it to your cart, complete checkout without adding any payment details and when you complete you get to a page where you can download the pattern.

You could use one pattern and make multiple blocks or download all the patterns in the Blog Hop to make a truly special multi-technique Garden Flower quilt.

When you post pictures of your make, use the tag #GFBH2020 so they can all be seen together.

The pattern for my Lupin block is available HERE

The rest of the patterns will be HERE as they become available