How many of us started our patchwork journey with making up hexagons? I know I did for one, many moons ago.

Hexagon quilts go back in history as far back to the 17th century.

EPP..English Paper Piecing is a very relaxing form of handsewing and can be picked up to stitch anywhere..long journeys.. the dentist waiting room (it calms the nerves!)..etc..etc.

In days gone by when paper was rare, old love letters were cut up and used to make the hexis…how very romantic!

Grandmothers Garden quilts bring to mind the Great Depression of the 1930s when our ancestors would make up beautiful quilts from scraps of fabrics. They would be a cheerful reminder of colourful gardens, a much needed lift during those hard times.

So this was one of my choices for our Garden Flower Blog Hop 2020…

I hope you like it and enjoy making it.