Do you like to decorate your home for Christmas?  Each year we look for something different to decorate.

How about making an unusual project which also has a practical use – it holds Christmas cards!

This short video shows how it is used (give it a few seconds to get started – this was one of my earlier attempts at filming!):

Displaying cards

How do the cards fit in?

Well, although this looks like a square-in-a-square, the construction is different – each triangle is actually made from a folded square, forming a pocket.

So, the cards can just tuck inside.

Design features

A number of clever features are incorporated into the method to make this project quick and enjoyable. The full Christmas Bunting  pattern is available from the UKQU shop.

The size of the pattern is designed so that you could use a set of small 3″ panels for the central squares if you wished – or you could fussy cut motifs from any suitable fabric.

Layering the fabrics onto the wadding as they are used to make each small unit, means that the construction seams double up as quilting lines – a sort of “quilt-as-you-go”.

I recommend fusible wadding, as this makes everything stay in the right place. The photo above shows the first step – the central square ironed onto the wadding and backing. Wide strips are then added with a “stitch and flip” method, before the folded triangles are placed at the corners, and double-fold binding stitched around the outside.

The binding is then stitched down on the back, trapping the hanging cord inside.

Displaying the Bunting

As it shows on the video, the individual bunting units can be joined together in two different ways:

If the cord is trapped in the top of each unit as shown above, the bunting strings across the wall like this:

However, if cords are trapped in each side, as shown here, this allows the bunting to hang vertically.

I made a long set, which hangs over the top of a door, so that half can be seen from e.g. your hall, while the other half is in the living room.

The Christmas Bunting pattern, available from the Shop, contains instructions to make it up either way.

If you would like to include lettering in the middle of each bunting unit, choose the Birthday Bunting version instead, which includes an alphabet designed to be the correct size. Click here to see more information and photographs.

The pattern is suitable for a beginner, and each step is explained carefully. So, if you start now, this could easily be completed ready for the festive season.

If you enjoy making this, and would like a bit more of a challenge, have a look at the Multisize Bunting, which is based on Pineapple Log Cabin, and can hold cards of varying sizes.

Two other card hanger patterns are also available in the Shop – the log cabin Christmas Card Hanger, and the Dresden Plate Celebration Card Hanger.

These would make lovely presents for a loved one too.