After making a few snowflakes for the ‘fire and ice’ quilts we created and which are still available in the Project section, I became fascinated by their potential. They are beautiful, each individual, symmetric but also flawed, each growing differently but under the same constraints.

To make the patterns for my snowflakes, I first looked at close-ups of snowflakes and I just love the diversity. I used the motif worktable in EQ8. I drew the side of one of the spikes. Then I cloned it and flipped it, moving it to join onto its mate and forming the first whole spike. I then cloned and rotated through 60° angles til I had 6 spikes. I joined these to create single snowflake.

I printed out the outline drawing within a 6 inch frame and scanned these onto my scan’n’cut. 6 inch size meant I could get 4 on a single sheet. I then ironed fusible to the back of my fabric and started loading them onto the machine. I used a slow speed and checked the blade depth. They cut brilliantly.

Then for the fun. I started off by making bunting, white snowflakes against a storm tossed sky. (We get hailstones, rather than snowflakes, but they are less picturesque). I sewed around the edge of each snowflake using a free motion technique. The fusible seemed really solid, but I always like to sew as well.

Then having looked at enough grey, I cut the background of each snowflake into a hexagon and made a colourful table runner. This really appeals to me because it is the colours of Christmas for me – jacaranda, Poinciana, flame tree, mangos and so on. What a magical time of year.

Next, my daughter suggested they would look good on a sheer fabric, so I tried pressing them onto organza, and lo and behold, it worked. I think I might make a food cover out of this piece.

I also tried cutting freezer paper and using it as a stencil. Well that worked too, and I didn’t have to lay down the appliqué. I think I should have painted it twice to get a more silvery effect.

I’ve included some free snowflake pattern in my pattern for ‘Ice’, but if you want the full 25 with all the new ones. Then it’s available on Craftsy