For December, what better than a Christmas and winter story? When searching on Amazon this summer I came across The Christmas Wedding Quilt. It had three authors and three, what looked like, sub-titles listed. Intrigued, I decided to buy the book and see if it would be suitable for the book club. It was. 

It is indeed three books, but they are all building on each other, telling a lovely story of three cousins who once were very close, but now have drifted apart. The women are brought together by the request to finish off a a wedding quilt for a fourth cousin. The three authors have managed to create a really charming and easy to read story.

The first book is called Let It Snow and is written by Emilie Richards. We meet Aunt Glo (or rather her quilt block), Jo (one of the cousins), her school sweetheart, and lots of snow.

The story continues in You Better Watch Out written by Janice Kay Johnson. This is Ella’s story and the anguish she feels when losing the quilt. It includes lots of car ‘chases’, mostly at a pace suitable for a quilting novel.

Sarah Mayberry concludes the story in Nine Ladies Dancing where we follow Rachel as she adds the third border to the quilt with expert guidance from a local quilter.

Using the making of the round robbin quilt to tie the story together, we get to know Jo, Ella and Rachel, as well as the men who rather randomly become involved in their lives as part of the making of the wedding quilt.

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Happy Christmas!
/ Nina x