As we close the doors on one of the strangest of times in anyone’s memory we should face forward and step into the New Year.

With a rapidly moving climate out there, it’s hard to know how we will celebrate things in 2021, but what we can do is look as some of the things that we could change to make it better.   Over 2020 so much happened and its difficult to know what to mention, so lets not!  Instead this a look forward to what we can improve on.

Firstly – recognising peoples work.   All too often I see someone talking about their fabulous quilt, and yes it is, but what about the designer of the pattern.   Always credit the designer of the pattern, whether you used a freebie, or purchased it, when you are showing off your fabulous quilts.   It doesn’t detract from your own effort, but it really helps the designer to gain recognition for their own work, and, in times when small business is really struggling, maybe a little boost for their pocket if others want to buy the same pattern. If you have added your own design development then explain what you altered.  Often just a name is enough for people to find the designer, or mention the place it was sourced.

Mention the fabric designer too if you can, they work equally as hard to create the amazing patterns and fabrics out there.

 A quilt is several different skills, and we each have inherent skill in some or all parts. We may be fabulous patchworkers, with incredibly pointy points, but our ability as a quilter is lacking, or perhaps it’s just too much of a struggle to heft a kingsize quilt sandwich through an 8-inch throat on a machine (a sure way of gaining sore shoulders). So we outsource the quilting to a longarmer. Mention the service or person who you use!  Having seen more than once people saying ‘off to the longarmer’ without saying who, I have often thought it would be lovely to mention who they are.  Again a boost for the person you chose to finish your quilt, but it helps other people to discover them too.  Longarm quilting is as much a skill as the piecing so please, recognise it.

If you are happy with a service you have received then shout about it.   We want to know where to find the places that go the extra mile don’t we.

The machine,is important, but what about other notions, rulers or did you use a certain technique to create the blocks?  All this interests us quilters doesn’t it.  Shout it out and let us know – its the story of your own quilt journey.  Hearing how you got there, the highs and the lows, drives us to improve our own techniques.  We help each other.  This is our quilting community.

2021 — who knows what we face, whether we will visit the exhibition we were used to.  The lifestyles of everyone have changed  – but for us –  lets make this the year of the quilt!