Once bitten, twice shy, they say….

That doesn’t seem to apply to me! I never know when I am beaten. After the success of the GF2020 Bloghop, I thought I might as well have a go at this too. Had I ever stitched a stained-glass Block before the GFBloghop, never mind designed one? Had I heck as like! So when this came along, I thought, … “ fpp…never created a block for that,”…. “ I have MADE a few of them”. Call me arrogant, optimistic or just plain daft, but I never refuse a challenge. I definitely learn through trial and error.

I started by drawing the square: 12.5” x 12.5”, the unfinished measurement.

I drew a simple champagne glass and then simplified the lines. (It would have been easier to applique, but I did that for the GFBloghop Mackintosh block, so….

Drawing the straight lines that would form the piecing were easy. The stitching order was…..not! It took a few goes to get it right. I soon found I had 32 pieces. Looks great; yes? My first attempt at SEWING was, frankly, rubbish. I realised that many stitched lines would be unnecessary. So I tried encompassing these in a simplified version. Not too good either. Then I humbly accepted the effort, industry and skill of the designers I had used in the past, and went back to the drawing board. This is the result. I tried using freezer paper for the first prototype,but I actually think you could achieve this block without foundation pieces, just using a light box and a lot of erasable marks and pins.

The fabrics I used were all scraps. The stitching order is on the pattern. See link below.

The fabric choices were easy: scraps of yellows, and greys on a cream background. I did consider using organza for the sparkle in the champagne, but as I only had a toffee brown, that was no good. ( I am sure I have yellow somewhere…). Of course the background colour is up to you, but remember to carry it through all pieces necessary. Unlike me….I had to restitch the triangles at the base of the glass as I originally stitched them in grey!

This time, piecing was much easier. And with far fewer pieces. I still managed to end up a little lopsided. But a first for me, so I am not unhappy. My husband felt the top should slope in, but he does not sew. Or quilt. Or design. So, I shall leave that to your creativity.

You could use any base colour and any wine colour. You could use silk, satin or organza to give the wine lift. With a little thought, you could stitch paired glasses too, and I would love to see your finished versions.

Find the pattern HERE