A bit later than I’d planned, but here is the book for February 2021.

Forget me Knot, by Mary Marks

Forget me Knots is the is the first book in a series of eight written by Mary Marks. They are all available as eBook, audio book and printed (you may need to look for second hand copies if your library hasn’t got it). 

We are introduced to Martha, Birdie and Lucy, all avid quilters, who are on their way to Claire’s home to see if she may be a suitable new member for their quilt group. Unfortunately they never get a chance to consider Claire as a potential member, as when they arrive to her house she’s dead.

Join the hunt for her killer and some missing quilts, whilst at the same time getting to know how to upset the local men in blue, or one in particular.

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More books by Mary Marks

Marks was a prolific writer and if you like her style you’ll have plenty to pick from. Click to go to her books on Amazon