We’re a month into the year already – well, we will be by the time you read this, it will be a month. Did you see posts about people trying to decide what their word for the year was going to be? Well, this year I decided to join the bandwagon. I thought that perhaps I should have a word for the year, but I couldn’t quite decide on a word – or why I should have one. In the end, I decided that I would have a word, and my word is ‘Focus’

As I write this now, I’m thinking that I could end up doing a picture in a frame for this word – something to have on display in the house with the year on, especially if having a word for the year becomes a thing for me…or maybe that is just making more work for myself. I could do it as appliqued letters, or maybe embroidery, or embroidery with buttons….anyway, I digress. And digressing is not focussing, quite the opposite in fact (but check back with me next year to see if I did make good on the idea!)

I chose the word ‘Focus’ quite specifically. For me it means to focus on completing projects that I’ve already started; to focus on what I want to achieve each day and throughout the year. It means not letting daydreams stop me or prevent me from achieving what I set out to do. It also means that I have a purpose for each day, something to focus on – rather than being drawn into the worry and concern that is around at the moment.

So, my idea for focussing on finishing some projects has gone well….sort of. I’m desperately trying not to buy any more fabric….well, I’ve not bought as much as I usually indulge in during the January sales. However, some bargains are too good to miss, especially if it is colourful, and about 60” wide, – and you know what they say – it is better to buy fabric you like when you see it, or you run the risk of missing out entirely. I want to finish more projects – so I need to keep up with the BOMs I’ve signed up for; this is going okay so far, but I’ve somehow managed to sign up for a Block of the Week, as I saw something that looked quite appealing – and I felt like I needed / wanted something extra.

The Lockdown Lawns Block of the Week from The Bramble Patch


Getting the mahoosive quilt ready to attach the binding

I will confess that I’ve had a large (for large, read mahoosive) quilt for a number of years – one that I said I would finish for someone else. From October last year I worked on quilting it again, and I have now managed to trim it, and add the binding to it. The binding is being hand-sewn to the back – which is taking some time, but is well worth the time and effort. I’m determined to be in the position to hand it over once this lockdown has eased.

The start of my temperature quilt

I’m not one to resist a challenge, and so I decided that a temperature quilt might be something I could do quite easily. My LQS (Step by Step at South Molton) posted the idea – and sewing on one hexagon a day is manageable. I suppose I have made it a little more difficult for myself; I’m using just fabrics from my stash (at the current time, although I have ideas for the outer border) – and I want to make each day a different fabric – so that even if the temperature is the same, the fabric choice is different. This means my ruby beholder is getting a bit of work, and I’m wondering just what colours and fabrics I have, as despite having an extensive stash, I seem to be limited on the shades I need – and that is after a little less than a month.

I finally got round to quilting this table runner – it’s only been waiting a year (or two)
A Craftiosity kit (a present from my husband) – the finished wreath

Focus – my watch word – and not a bad one at that; it is helping to keep me on track during these lockdown times, when it seems that each day is just the same, and that the month has eleventy-hundred and ninety seven days. It means I am more productive – which hopefully will mean I keep up with blogs too!

Have you had a word for the year? Did it make a difference? Have you got one this year? Is it having the desired effect?

P.S. Getting this blog ready on 1st February I have added to my focus and determination. I have restarted the Couch to 5K programme today (for the third or fourth time due to injury) – and I have decided that I want to do a couple of 10K runs (including the Severn Bridge one) – the ones I am looking at are from late August onwards (although there may be a virtual one I’m considering at the end of May…) – I’m nothing if not determined!


  1. Ami Richards

    Good luck with your running challenges Christine. I think the word Focus is a good one to pick if you are going to be picking a word, and I wish you luck with your focusing throughout the year, maybe you can do a blog in December to let us know how you got on…