Making your own bias tapes and bindings couldn’t be easier with the Clover Bias Tape Cutting Ruler which enables accurate cutting of both bias and straight fabric strips. The special slit in the ruler is designed for use with a rotary cutter, giving you the perfect guide for precision fabric cutting along straight and exactly parallel lines. An added bonus is that it also helps protect fingers whilst you work!

Simply position the ruler on the fabric using the straight or diagonal markings as your guide. Then set the rotary cutter in the wide end of the slit and, as you cut, the fabric is held securely to give you neat, straight lines. The ruler measurement markings are clear and easy to use, allowing you to make fabric strips in a range of widths to suit a wide variety of projects.

Suitable for both right- and left-handed people as the slit is wide at both ends so you can cut in either direction. When used in conjunction with the Clover rotary cutter, cutting matt and bias maker, you’ll make light work of making tapes and bias bindings and will wonder how on earth you managed before!

Available from most sewing and craft outlets.