I hate winter, I’m a winter baby but feel that I should live in a hot country. I have no oomph for anything in winter, I just want to curl up under a quilt and stay on the sofa in front of the tv.

I felt the same way last year, but I put that down to my favourite machine being in the machine hospital, I don’t have that excuse this year.

Since November, I have spent hardly anytime in my sewing room at all and have only made 1 quilt since then and that was a special request from a friend.

I walk past the sewing room and hardly peek in, very occasionally I would go in and sit on my chair but then end up on social media rather than sewing anything!

In mid-January I decided that enough was enough and that I should stop wasting my days and I made myself go into the sewing room and remove the cover from the machine. I had some freezer paper already cut into 10-inch squares so decided that if I could not concentrate on designing and making a new quilt, that I should try and tame the scrap box.

Luckily, I have a strict rule that whenever I finish a project, I must cut all the scraps into useable size squares and strips, so these were all ready to use without having to cut them up.

So, I started sewing the strips onto the paper and I did this for several days, just 2-3 hours at a time, my interest would deflate by then and I would come out of the sewing room. But at least I was sewing, and the squares would be used on a scrap quilt when I was ready. Before too long, I had used up all the cut paper and didn’t feel like cutting anymore, so I put the squares away.

A friend had given me a bag of lavender when it was acceptable to meet up outside back in December, so I dug through my scrap squares and made around 80 lavender bags to put into drawers and the linen cupboard. I posted several to family members and friends too and I felt a real sense of achievement at having made something, even if it was simple squares sewn together and filled.

I have wanted to make myself a quilt to use in spring / summer on my bed, I have already decided which fabrics I will use. I took them out and lay them onto my cutting table and then my brain just froze, I could not decide what design I wanted to create or how to proceed so I just packed them all away again.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for quilting right now it has not seemed to have slowed down my buying of fabric, which I have been doing continuously, funny that!!!

The upside is that I have been doing lots of knitting and my granddaughters have received a few cardi’s and longer jackets recently.

I guess that I will have to stick with doing small bits of sewing until my quilting mojo returns.

Do any of you feel this way and do you have any tips for how to snap out of it?