During May we are escaping to a quaint little town in Maryland where we are joining a family of allegedly hot firemen to get our dosage of quilting and happily ever after

Title: Hearts on fire

Author: Julia Gabriel

Two families; the Trevor’s, with five daughters and the Wolfe’s, with three sons.

The Trevor family runs the quilt shop and organises retreats in St Caroline, Maryland. The head of the Wolfe family is the chief of the fire brigade and they sons are, you guessed it, part of the crew. We are treated to equal measures of quilting inspiration, tales of firemen and of course the sparkling chemistry between some members of the two families.

As you may remember, I didn’t really enjoy ‘Assault and Batting‘ (our book for April), so I quickly switched books for May after randomly stumbling on this heart warming story. I hope you enjoy it too, but please be warned that the Big C (not Covid) is included.

I am not a regular hand quilter, and I definitely do not do 14 stitches per inch, but I liked this piece of advice:

“Focus without thinking, that was Becca’s secret to hand quilting”

The St. Caroline Small Town Romance series;

  • Book 1: Hearts on Fire (Jack and Becca) – LINK to Amazon
  • Book 2: Two of Hearts (Matt and Cassidy)
  • Book 3: This Reminds Me of Us (Serena and Oliver)
  • Book 4: When We Believed in Forever (coming soon)

PS. There is another book (Summer Again) listed as the first book in the series in some locations on Amazon, although it is by the same author and set in the same town, it is not about the Trevor and Wolfe families (or quilting!).

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