I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to test this clever hybrid of two products I already love to use – what do you get when you cross Wonder Clips and quilters safety pins? Clover Wonder Pins of course!


A new concept from Clover that offers the benefit of both straight pins and safety pins, in one single pinning tool, allowing layers of fabric to be held together in an instant.


Clover Wonder Pins have been specially designed to making basting both quick and easy, the curved nature of the pins making scooping and holding the fabric a simple task. They come in bright pink and yellow which makes them much easier to see when in use, a feature I absolutely love, they also ‘stand up’ on the fabric so there is no chance of me accidently sewing over them and breaking my machine needle.


One of the key features of the Wonder Pins are that they can be opened and closed using just one hand – I must confess I have yet to master this art but I’ve got lots of WIPs that I can use to practice on! Overall they are a really great product, easy to use, super bright colours and as an added bonus they come in plastic free packaging.