Clover Black Gold Needles

The ultimate in needle quality from Clover, these professionally polished hand sewing needles have a special black plating which allows the needle to pierce effortlessly through fabric with major reduction in frictional resistance.

Designed to provide the optimum balance between hardness and flexibility, the needle shaft is strengthened using carefully selected, high quality steel that is quenched and tempered to maximise the benefits. The whole sewing experience is enhanced as the special plating makes the needles highly rust, bend and break resistant. There are various sizes available including; Quilting, Quilting Between and Applique/Sharps and 6 per pack.

All Black Gold Needles RRP £4.95 approx.

Clover products are available nationwide from all good craft, sewing and hobby shops.

We have a great competition running at the moment to win a bumper range of Clover products, including two packs of these needles so you can try them for yourself .. but you have to be in it to win it so pop over here and click to enter.  Whilst you are there, have a browse through the range of the explainer videos recently created to showcase some of their products, featuring the lovely Stuart Hillard.