Thank you to Gütermann for the opportunity to review this beautiful set of creativ (variegated) threads and to too. I have been sewing over a long period of time, starting in my school days and, although the thread choices back then were quite limited, Gütermann thread was the one always available for us to use and I have generally stayed with using this make of thread since those days. Here are the gorgeous threads sent for review:

The Gütermann website says that,

“the key colours of autumn/winter 2021-22 can be classified into the following four colour groups:

Naturalness, emotionality and energy through new shades of brown and red

Dynamism, optimism and self-confidence through rosé and purple nuances

Coolness, seriousness and hope through shades of blue and green

Warmth, opulence and cheerfulness through warm gold and yellow tones.


I’m loving this pack of Gütermann creativ (variegated coloured) threads. I love bright oranges, red and yellow colours and they quite nicely fit into three of those colour tones mentioned above.

Who would have thought there is so much to learn about the different weights of sewing thread? Confession time, I’ve never really thought about the different weights of thread before and what that means. I know there are different types of thread out there and some have their preferences as to what you should use for quilting. Some swear by 100% cotton thread, others will quite happily use a polyester thread in their quilting. They might use a polyester for the construction of the quilt and use a 100% cotton thread for the actual top quilting, pure choice by the user! I’m not going to argue for one way or the other as the choices people make could be because of personal preference, the cost of thread, the amount one uses and the purpose for the use.

The thing to remember about thread weight is the higher the ‘weight’ the thinner the thread. This Gütermann creativ sewing Thread is 30 weight which means it is denser (thicker) than the normal weight of thread normally used for general sewing. You might see this shown on a pack as 30/2 or on a reel as Cotton 30. It also recommends using a machine embroidery needle size 80 or 90. General polyester sewing threads are usually 50 weight; some do not even state the weight but will say whether it is a cotton or polyester/blend thread. Yes, it’s a minefield out there!

The pack of 6 Gütermann creativ sewing thread Set (variegated shades) cotton is approx £20 and can also be bought in single reels of 300 metres at approx. £3.50 each depending on the retailer. You might find it referred to as ‘Sulky’ when looking for individual reels e.g. Gütermann Red Sulky Cotton Thread 30 Weight 300m (4007). It is a very good, premium quality cotton thread, that is tough and strong and took some real effort to break it by hand. It’s a 100% cotton thread.

So, what to do with it? Some free motion quilting, try out those decorative stitches that I hardly use? I tried both and here are the results. Remember to check your tension if using different weights of thread – try it out on a spare bit of the fabric you are going to use for your main item. And …. you might need to change your machine needle too.


The thread gave a 3D effect for the sample stitching (above) giving the finished look extra definition, which you don’t get with the higher weight (thinner) thread. The photos don’t do it justice – looks much better in real life. This makes it great thread for all your quilting or embroidery projects.

I did use it for free motion quilting but there was more an operator problem rather than a thread problem! I have a long arm machine and now struggle to use the free motion quilting technique on my sewing machine because I haven’t done it in so long. My sewing machine automatically adjust to the thickness of the fabric and wadding I use for smaller projects and several stitch combinations work well too. Here are a couple of examples:


The great thing is that the Gütermann creativ thread is available in a choice of 124 shades including solid and variegated colours at 300m per reel. Gütermann have a wide range of threads for different purposes, denim thread, metallic, the list is endless, so, if you are not sure what type or weight of thread you want, check out their website for more information.

I found this too.

A huge thank you to Gütermann for the privilege of writing a review for their creativ threads and to for making this possible. I’m inspired now to try some more functions on my sewing machine so I’m definitely going to make something that needs some embroidery stitches using these threads.

Happy sewing everyone

Carol L

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