I am delighted to have been given the opportunity by UKQU.co.uk to write a review for a range of products courtesy of Hemline Gold. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the post to see what the package would bring I decided to search the internet to have a look and try and guess what it might be and peek at their website. If you have read some of my other reviews you may have discovered I like to find out some history about the company or inspiration for the design if it’s a fabric review, so here goes.

It all started in Sydney, Australia when, back in 1987 the Castley family had the idea to develop their own brand of sewing and haberdashery notions. They named it Hemline, but it was only available to the Australian market initially. In 1993, after attracting attention in other countries they expanded their operation to enable it to become available world-wide. Starting with a small range of 80 products it has now expanded to become one of the largest in the world, and the Hemline brand now contains more than 1,000 sewing and craft essentials with the Castley family still involved and guiding the company.

Hemline Gold’s packaging features its signature ‘sewing accessories’ theme printed on its environmentally friendly brown kraft paper developed to be recyclable and reduce the amount of plastic used to package its products. It also uses reusable glass jars for products such as hand needles, pins and safety pins.

The Hemline Gold collection I’m reviewing today is styled with rich brushed gold, matt black and modern clear acrylic finishes across 5 sewing essentials that we need in our sewing kit.

Hemline Gold Acrylic Handle Brushed Gold Embroidery Scissors

The length of the embroidery scissors is 12.5cm / 5inch and prices range from £6.25 – £9.95.

The acrylic handles and stainless steel, brushed gold blades make the scissors look very stylish.

My hands are quite large, but I found them to have a good grip, easy and comfortable to use. I tried them out by snipping off the bulk of the seams in some patchwork and they performed very well. I also tried them on different materials (denim, upholstery material, to see how well they performed, and they provided a clean cut. I can’t say how well they will perform over time as I have only been able to use them from new for a few days.

I’ve not tried them on other craft projects as, like many of you quilters out there, I keep my fabric scissors and other craft scissors separate – and woe betide any of my family if they mix them up!

Hemline Gold Premium Sharps Needles

Prices range from £2.15 – £3.99.

These are general sewing sharps hand sewing needles and come in a glass jar with an attractive lid that has a brushed gold finish. Each jar contains 2 x size 10 needles, 4 x size 5 needles and 4 x size 7 needles. What can I say? They do the job! I like the gold ‘eyes’ as they make it easier to see which way is up – for those of us who find it takes threading a needle longer because of failing eyesight, you will know what I mean. It also helps to find where to poke a needle threader in too!

I use different needles for different things, whilst the longer quilting needles are good for using when sewing through layers, a good ‘Sharps’ needle is better for hand sewing the binding and these are just perfect for that. Some cheaper needles tend to bend easily, but these are great and handle well.

Hemline Gold Plastic Head Steel Pins

Each pin measures 0.58 x 38mm. Price ranges from £2.95 to £5.46

These come in a reusable glass jar with a brushed gold lid and contains 60 premium, nickel plated steel pins with a black plastic head to enable easy gripping.

The dimensions of the glass jar are 63 x 30 x 30mm.

Like most quilters you probably have a range of different size pins for different aspects of your work. Whilst these Hemline Gold pins may be more suitable for dress/garment making I like to use smaller pins when matching ‘block’ seams where I need to have accurate points.

These Hemline Gold pins are superb for this – I tried them out by matching the seams on the latest challenge block for our quilting group (25 different 2.5” squares made into a block) and they were great. As you can see from the photo on the left, longer quilting pins tend to have a slightly thicker ‘stem’ which can affect how the fabric lays when pinning for accurate matching. All in all, these are a very affordable, excellent quality pin that will stand the test of time.


Hemline Gold Needle Threaders

Price ranges from £1.65 to £3.99. Needle threader dimensions: 45 x 25 x 5mm.

There are 2 stylish flower shaped needle threaders in each pack and they both have gold coloured, steel wire. It wasn’t until I tried these out that I realised the gold colour actually makes it easier to see to thread a needle, or at least it did for me. The wire loop is suitable for threading hand and machine needles with cotton, multi thread skeins and chunky yarns. The wide plastic flower head shape makes it an easy grip between the thumb and finger, much better than some of the flimsy threaders available on the market. I was able to thread each size of sharps needle in the pack with ease too. Cute too and would adorn any sewing kit with grace.

Last but not least:

Hemline Gold Tomato Pincushion

10 x 10 x 6.5cm. Price range is £5.65 – £11.25.

I’m loving the Hemline Gold signature black and white ‘sewing themed’ print on this pin cushion. It’s about the size of a big fat beef tomato and has a much better look than the previous red and green tomato pin cushion. It’s big enough to store enough pins of different sizes and needles and, because I tend to lose needles in my pincushion, the small bud like attachment is where I will ‘stick’ them in future.

Overall, it’s a good product, but personally, I would have liked it know what the stuffing is made of as there is no indication of this on the label. Checking a few sales outlets to see if this was mentioned in the product details revealed this wasn’t the case but, I did find it was stuffed with 100% polyester filling by searching on the Hemline website itself.

 It was heartening to read that Hemline founded SewAid. This is “a program which offers selected women in very poor countries the opportunity to not only learn to sew, but to also provide them with the machines, equipment and skills they need to start a small home business in dressmaking, alterations or repair. The program is run by its founder, Mr Tony Castley and is closely supported by Sewgroup International.”

For more information follow the link to their website below.


The above products sent to me by Hemline Gold in exchange for providing an honest review via UKQU.co.uk and I’d like to say a huge thank you for this opportunity to them both. I have not been paid for this article and all thoughts are my own.

Happy Sewing everyone

Carol L

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