I made a thing!

The most used method of making HSTs or Half-Square-Triangles is to use two squares cut 7/8″ larger than you want the finished square to be. The simplest way to achieve this is to round up to the next inch and then trim the result, rather than measure up to the 7/8″ line on your ruler.

Since I hate trimming so much I designed the ‘Perfect HST Ruler’. It has two 7/8″ edges – like your 6 1/2″ ruler, but 7/8 instead if the 1/2″. Now you can cut squares with a 7/8″ or 3/8″ size and make your HSTs with no trimming (except the bunny ears, I shall have to design a bunny ear trimming machine next 😉 ) I’m really proud of it, I have seen many many of you asking about cutting 7/8″ in UK Quilters United so I hope this is all your dreams come true 😉 



 I have the kit for this quilt and I was dreading making it, but how easy are those border HST’s going to be now?!

HST cutting guide – SA stands for seam allowance

So if you want to make some HSTs that would work with the whole squares from a charm pack (5″ squares) you would need to cut squares that are 5 3/8″ to get 5″ HSTs including seam allowances. Finished size means sewn to other blocks so always make sure you know exactly what you need before cutting.

My first ever video, showing you how the ruler works! Apologies for how rubbish the video is. Frankly I was terrified, and it’s a bit fuzzy, but I got it done, and on only the 5th take 😀

For those who prefer pictures to videos- the ruler has a 7/8″ edge so you can cut the perfect size really easily. Use it exactly the same as your other rulers.

The Perfect HST Ruler is only available in the UKQU shop at a special introductory price.

The Perfect HST Ruler was kindly turned into reality by Andy at Crafty-uk who make brilliant laser cut rulers and templates. I have more designs in me for making your life easier so watch this space!