I have always been a bit of a one for lovely fabric .. ok ok, so I admit I might have a couple of metres more than I am ever likely to use in my lifetime, but when Makower UK sent me the new Edyta Sitar range to review I decided I would take a look myself.  It’s mouthwatering.

She has called this range Super Bloom and it certainly is!   A rich, deep range of fabrics from this popular designer, ranging from the deepest of navy blues to the sweetest pale creams and  every element of this wide range of fabric appeals to me. There’s a big range of 36 different patterns with plenty of designs to choose from.  The quality, as ever with Makower UK fabric, is top quality and I suspect will be quickly flying off the shelves when it lands this month.

I think I’ll use the fabric to create a quilt to donate to a charity, so a simple top to show off the fabrics and probably pop it onto my Simply Sixteen frame for a quick overall quilting, but I wanted to get to know the designer a little more than just marvel over the fabric [although I can’t deny that’s the attraction].

Edyta Sitar joined Makower [Andover in the States] relatively recently but has been designing fabrics most of her quilting life under her label of Laundry Basket Quilts over in the States.   Her website tells me this.  Reading her biog. she comes from a long line of quilters, and when she married she brought her mother-in-law into the fold too.   Wandering through her website reveals more about her love of fabric and sewing, and I must say many of her makes are right up my street.

This love of design shows in her new  Super Bloom fabrics for Makower UK .. a real quilter knows that it’s not just the hero fabrics that count, it’s having the tones and contrast for the mixers and the harmony with which each design in the fabric rests so comfortably with the next that shows how much effort has gone into the designing.   In almost every range of fabric there is usually one or two fabrics that don’t seem to appeal, but I can comfortably say this is certainly not the case with this.  No .. it’s more the difficulty of choosing a favourite!   If you need me I think I will be busy sewing this weekend, creating something super with Super Bloom.