A year has passed and I am continuing to play catch up with posting these blogs.

Day 50: Encroaching stem stitch. Four strand thread, two blue and two black.

Diary Entry: Not much to write about other than housework which I cannot , not do due to OCD. I spent most of the day in bed in a fibromyalgia flare. Nearly didn’t sew or write this diary due to flare and apathy, then I realised I can write or not write as much as I like. Although when it did come to sewing I wasn’t sure what area I wanted to fill within the hoop. Nothing sang to me, instead of a variation of stitch I went with a variation in thread and colours. Blue and black.

Still debating if I should expand the sewing area outside the hoop. After all I did do a large piece of denim? I wonder what others think?

Day 51: Scroll Stitch metallic thread teal, back stitch same thread.

Diary Entry: Day of mask making, cut 40 out and sewn the chin and nose darts. It’s amazing how long things can take. Tomorrow will be join front to back, adding elastic tape, turning out and top stitching. Ten of those masks are for a care home. The other 30 are for family and neighbours. I hate to see people charging for this, I know why but in some part, feel it is my public duty to provide protection to those that I can. I have a gift of sewing so why not share in times of need. I understand not everyone can afford to. But at the same time not everyone can afford a mask either. Having been in a position where money for bread was hard to find, I can fully understand. I am not offering my services to the wider community because I would not be able to cope.

I didn’t drink enough fluid today and now have a banging head. So sewing was short and sweet. Hubby cooked tea, which was nice as I was really struggling by the end of the day. Not sewing in the tent tomorrow, feel I need to sit indoors. Better able to take rests and not worry about my machines. Apart from that it is a Wednesday, husband and daughter go shopping and I have space.

Chosen stitch is scroll, and back stitch for the number 51, the total days in lockdown.

Missed a few days and cannot remember why.

Day 55: Billion Knot, thread burgundy, plus mask making.


Diary Entry: It took me nearly all day to finish off these forty masks. Some of the stop starting got very frustrating.

Day 56: Seed Stitch, cream three strand thread.

Diary Entry: House work, as normal always takes me longer when I need to go faster. Body slowly slowing down, not sure if this is because the tablets are tapering off or my body is saying enough. I took the order of scrubs to the local pharmacy and they really liked them. Had my photo taken, first one I liked of my face, mainly because it was mostly covered. It felt good to help, there was about five of us who made them.

Day 57: Cross Stitch, six strand; three burgundies and three strand peach.

Diary Entry: Got up late, been in tent stock taking, plus pattern cutting. I managed to get a few bits done but not as much as I would have liked. My daughters are right pains right now. Not sure what I have done wrong but my youngest is speaking to me like excrement, getting fed up of it now. And eldest is snappy. Something will give soon. Not having them gas-light me again.

Cross stitch tonight because I am cross with them. Maybe lock down is beginning to bite.