It has been over a year since I started this diary, due to ill health I never had chance to finish posting it up. I would still like to share it, so here we go.

Day 43: Today was a no stitch day.

Diary Entry: It was a semi productive day with regard catching up on admin, but I had been crabby for most of it. It was strongly implied that I was not sewing fast enough, which in turn caused me grief and upset. I ended up tired and in pain, which resulted in no sewing, instead it was a bath and then bed. Writing this retrospectively.

Photo taken from day 13 in lockdown.

Day 44: Baby running stitch, three threads blue.

Diary Entry: Closed the hub down today, took a family day as it was Kira’s 19th. Not that we did much, I sewed in the tent, but I was there if she needed me. It was nice not having deliveries, or collections. I managed to sew three scrub tops, all but the hems. I now have three sets (tops and bottoms) to hem tomorrow. Totally wiped out, my spoons are low. I am currently sat in the bath, one finger typing this diary on my tablet. This is helping me to unwind and make sense of the day.

The daily chatter in the chat has died down, I think because we have found our rhythm. They may have stopped using the group chat as smaller group friendships form, can understand the latter. That and we are most likely working our fingers to the bone.

Today’s stitch I decided to do a baby running stitch in a spiral because that is the way I feel I am going right now, around and around but not quite in circles as I have not met myself coming back yet.

Day 45: Closed Feather Stitch, perle thread pink.

 Diary Entry: Hemmed all I needed to do today, then did test stitch of a mask, first one was rubbish, next one was much better and I was happy with it. I had an issue with a group member, not happy, but will leave it at that.

Stitch of the day was closed feather stitch, reminds me of a trellis, I have wanted to climb the wall today so this is apt.

Tired and expecting a flare up.

Day 46: Satin Stitch Padded, perle thread purple. Back Stitch zigzagging the coral, six strand thread.

Diary Entry: Today has been a very balanced day. Yesterday I had hoped to dye some fabric, and then cut the triangles from it. However, the day did not go that way. Nonetheless, while asleep or semi awake it came to me in the night. Cut the triangles and then dye them. Before my 11 am chat with the ladies I was able to, cut fabric off the roll for a lady and dyed some fabric for some bunting.

Although the dye did not take; two reasons could be, a) the fabric was not suitable to absorb and b) the dye had been made up a while. Never mind I still got red and blue triangles.

As it is Thursday, I cleaned the house and had a nap I struggled to wake up from. However, once I did I was able to function again with ease. I linked someone in need, to someone who could provide and that felt good. Made up the bunting then showered and now sat writing this. So all is good and I feel relaxed.

Today’s stitch is Satin Stitch, padded. Felt I needed to do a solid stitch. Then once it was done I felt the need to do another stitch, as I missed yesterday’s. So I chose back stitch zig-zag with a six strand thread. I liked the result. As I had found the yellow triangles beginning to jar. Now they are more balanced. I guess that is like me today. What is interesting is how the story in my stitches is showing moments of jarring as well as balance. I hope they become harmonious at some point.

Tomorrow I hope to have more balance and make bread.

Day 47: Running Stitch, brown perle thread.

 Diary Entry: Okay busy day, stock check, and then I made bread, then scones, though I did not have any cream of tartar, and nearly used the stuff from the jar you add to fish. However, one of my sewing ladies brought some to me while dropping off the scrubs she made, bless her. I have never made scones before. I also made homemade tomato soup for later to go with the bread. At four o’clock we sat in the front garden to have tea and scones, I invited the neighbors to join us, social distancing followed for our VE celebrations. The scones were a big hit, hubby would have ate the lot, if I had of let him. The soup and bread went down well as well.


VE Day, I sang out the window, it looked like I was only one down our street singing. I am sat typing this with half a heart, fatigue beginning to overtake me but overall, a good day though.

I chose the stitch because I feel with all the baking today I have been busy running around and not stopped to take a breath.

Day 48: No sewing, no energy.

Diary Entry: Flare up meant I spent most of the day sleeping. Did dye some fabric, but otherwise very little done.

Photo from day eight.

Day 49: Couching yellow perle thread, then coral six strand thread, couched with brown perle thread.

Diary Entry: Had a lay in bed today, felt good. Then rinsed my fabric, the dye took semi okay. Then actually did some painting. I painted my eye. Then I couched my week four challenge. #Challenge week four. Richard McVetis. Leaf is couched elastic down the centre and three strand embroidery thread couched with overlocker chain. Plastic fork is couched with perle thread. Triangle is bias ribbon couched with blue overlocker chain. Thread net couched with red perle thread.

Cooked tea, watched Boris, made things very unclear and got angry with the television again. Had a shower, and now settling down to write this.

Going to continue with the couching theme for tonight Stitch, yellow crosses over the ladder, and then because I missed yesterday’s stitches. I did a straight forward couch, two tone.

Tied, but in a good way, glad I took a step back from all things scrub related for the last few days. Feel better for it, this also meant that I could do my sewing art without stressing.