I was sent a sample pack of Around The World by Makower UK. Sample packs usually have 10″ squares but this one was a bit different- they included a full panel! It had the panel of a world map, and nine 10″ squares of the coordinating fabrics. It’s a lovely children’s design – the map with details of native animals and famous landmarks, and prints of ‘tossed’ animals, luggage labels, and animal skin prints. The fabric is nice and crisp and the excellent quality you would expect from Makower.

A quilt designed just for this fabric is available here. Designed by Lynne Goldsworthy, it surrounds the map with a piano border of the prints. Since I had a little less fabric, I decided to start with Lynne’s instructions to border the map and trim to 44″ x 26″, and work from there. 



4″ squares would more or less work, if I  a little gap down the sides. To make the 10″ squares stretch further I made square in squares’. I used a pretty white tonal cotton, which means you have to check every single piece as you sew it to get it the right way up. Typically I still managed to sew one bit upside down, and two layers of triangle on one square side.

By using the white around the map, and then another 2 1/2″ border on the outside, it looks like the squares are floating in the border.

It felt like it was still missing something so echoing Lynne’s design I made little applique circles with the leftovers. It ended up 38″ x 58″. I think a black and white backing with some primary colour geometric shapes would be perfect, that way it could be a baby play-mat that lasts right through to early school years. A child could have hours of fun  with a pack of plastic zoo animals matching them with the map.

The finished top.

What do you think?