Do you chain piece? What is chain piecing I hear some ask? This is where we have numerous units to join and piece them one after the other without breaking the thread between each. It is a method which speeds up the piecing and also has the advantage of using less thread as you don’t have the longer tails between each section.

Clover Quick Cut
Dial to rotate the blade.

It’s quite relaxing – sitting, sewing sometimes hundreds of units with the radio/tv on in the background but then comes the snipping apart. This can take some time and is a bit fiddly but I have found a new toy! One that has now earned a permanent position by my machine. This little gadget arrived from Clover for me to trial and it has received my ‘thumbs up’.

The ‘Quick Cut’ is designed for swift, easy cutting of chain pieced units along with begin capable of snipping threads or yarns.


The little unit has a rotary blade within the protective cover. (No risk of snipping or slashing fingers here!) The blade has 12 positions so you can simply turn the dial to a new section of blade to maintain the swift, sharp cutting action. It has a non-slip base which stops it moving about and it is so easy to use. Each section of the blade should last some time as we are cutting threads rather than fabrics.

Cutting is easy!

To use simply drag the thread section down into the small gap and you’re done. It’s great…so easy I would be happy to let a child help me. The gap is so small even little fingers wouldn’t be able to get in there.

I like the fact that the Quick Cut comes in plastic free packaging and the blade can be replaced with a 45mm Rotary Cutter blade.

Overall, if you do chain piecing or find snipping of threads tricky then I can recommend this Quick Cut Thread Cutter from Clover.

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