The advantage of making your own tassles is that you will always have them to match the item you are making.  You can match colour, materials and size.  I’ve always made them before using cardboard so I was quick to jump at the chance to try out the Clover Tassle Maker.

I was sent the small size which would be most suited to finer threads and yarn.  I did use a 3 ply yarn for my test one and got a good result.  The small tassle makes three sizes, 3 cm, 4cm and 5 cm.  The tassle maker also comes in large.  If you look on the Clover website you can get to see some decorative ideas on how and where to use the tassles you make.  I quite like the look of the tassle bunting which I think would be fun to make with children. In the past I’ve used tassles to decorate scissor keeps and to use as a scissor fob.  It would be interesting to see what other ideas you come up with.

There are written instructions inside the pack and they are very clear and easy to follow.  Making the first one was a little slow as I was checking the instructions.  However, after a couple, you’d soon be making them in quick time.

As I said, I made mine using yarn, it was close to hand and being variegated, it suited itself for my purpose.  I also made the twisted cord to go with it. Overall, I am delighted with the result and I will be using it again.

If you’re thinking of treating yourself, most craft stores sell them, prices range from about £8/£9 for the small ones up to about £12 for the large one.  If you make them, I’d love to see them.