Clover “Quick Cut” Thread Cutter

When Sylvia asked me to review the thread cutter, I assumed it would be like many of the other cutters that are out there, you use them for a short while then forget about them.This one is definitely not going to fall into that category.

Ready For Use

It’s a free standing unit, about 3” high, which has a built in 45mm rotary cutter blade. When the blade starts to get dull you simply rotate it to a new section of the blade. The cutter has a small dial on the front so it’s easy to rotate the blade to its new position.

There are full instructions, complete with diagrams, showing you how to change the blade.  It states on the box that it has a non slip base, but I found that it did move slightly when cutting, and would possibly move quite a lot when you are cutting apart chain pieced blocks, in saying that a quick fix would be to place it on some shelf liner and that would prevent it from moving at all.

These are the threads I used for the review. 

The cutter took everything I threw at it with ease, from cotton, rayon, and metallic threads, as well as rat tail cord, cording and string. I also cut some narrow strips of fabric and a variety of yarns. It cut through leather thonging easily.

As to price, I found the cost varied a lot, I did a quick online search and the price ranged from £14.53 to £20.41, which is a huge difference, so it’ll be worthwhile looking around for the best price, but remember to check out your local quilt store first.

Would I recommend it, well, yes I would, I’m a gadget kind of person, I buy them and most get relegated to a drawer before too long, but this will sit next to my sewing machine and be put to good use.

Thanks for reading