This is another first for me. I have not used any fusible interlining before and it’s always nice to try something new, so thank you to Vlieseline for giving me this opportunity to review their Style-Vil Fix fusible foam interlining and to for making it happen.

This one-sided, fusible foam interlining sews and quilts like a dream. It gives great shape to bags and pouches that protect glasses, mobile phones, tablets etc. and can also be used for shoulder pads. It’s also good for creative needlework where you want a three-dimensional effect.

It’s 72cm wide and the price range varies from £14 – £23 so it’s best to shop around. It can be bought in 0.5 metre increments.

Made from 53% Polyester and 47 % Polyurethane, Style-Vil Fix has wefts on both sides to give strength and stability as well as high abrasion resistance. It easily bonds to all fabrics. A medium iron setting is recommended, using a damp cloth and a pressing action for 12 seconds over each area to be fused. Remember to test the products before using on your main item – just cut a small square of Style-Vil Fix and some fabric.

It’s washable to 30°, either hand or machine washed or can be dry cleaned but tumble drying Is not recommended.

How can you tell which it the fusible side? Hold it up against a light and you can just see the sparkle of the adhesive. If you are still not sure, test press it by using a small square and a scrap of fabric. TIP ~ it helps to mark the non-fusible side with a pencil.

Decisions, decisions, what to make? Christmas is coming and there are some family birthdays very soon, so a bottle bag found itself at the top of the ‘make’ list!

I delved into my fabric stash and found this lovely black and gold festive tree fabric to use with a white and gold star lining.

The size of your bottle bag will depend on the bottle you are gifting and whether you are adding a wadding/stabiliser. The smaller size, 6.5” wide, will fit most standard drinks bottle from wine, spirits to Prosecco but you might need to make the initial template 7.5” wide for wider bottles. I was gifted a lovely bottle gin brought all the way from the Falklands for my birthday and it doesn’t fit inside the smaller bag, neither does some of the Prosecco bottles I have!

The size shown in brackets is for the 7.5” wide bottle bag. The finished ‘standing’ size is 15”


• Outer fabric of your choice: 1 Fat quarter or yardage 18” x 13” (15”)

• Lining fabric to complement your main choice ~ 18” x 13” (15”)

Vlieseline Style-Vil Fix ~ 18” x 13” (15”)

• Sewing thread

• Embellishments of your choice

• Zipper or Roller Presser sewing machine foot.


Make a template following the directions on the diagram.

Cut out your pattern pieces. I chose to use just one fabric for the outside but used two for the lining.

Feel free to mix up some fabrics by having two contrasting outer fabric – just cut the pattern accordingly – but don’t forget to add 0.25” seam allowance along the ‘cut line’ if you do!

Cut 2 pieces of your Vlieseline Style-Vil Fix – easiest way to do this is to cut out to the same size as the others then trim at least ⅜” away from the outer edge.

Sew 0.25” around the outer edge of the handles ~ this will help when it comes to inserting the Style-Vil Fix and finishing off the bottle bag.

Place the lining pieces Right Side (RS) together and sew a 0.25” seam around the edges, including the top of the handles. There is no need to turn this to the RS.


Make the base of the bag. Match the seams as shown by purple arrows below. Sew a 0.25” seam across each side.  

Place the Style-Vil Fix onto the front and back piece of your outer fabric. Clip and press into place, step by step for about 12 seconds. Wait for them to cool down before quilting or sewing together.

Quilt the front and back outer pieces. Adjust your stitch length/tension before sewing. I went for a lattice effect and found that I didn’t need a backing fabric as it didn’t snag on the feed dogs. Again, try if you are unsure. The Style-Vil Fix gave it some definition, a good finish and it sewed like a dream. It’s difficult to see the definition from the photo but it definitely gave an overall padded effect to the bottle bag.

Place the front and back pieces RS together and pin or clip. Sew the 0.25” seams as shown leaving the top of the ‘handles’ open, this will make it easier to turn the bottle bag RS out. I used my roller presser machine foot, so if you have one in your sewing box it might be useful to try it now. If not, don’t worry, you might find it easier to use the zipper foot instead.

Make the base the same as for the inner lining.

Turn RS out and then clip and sew the seam at the top of the ‘handles’ as shown (0.25” seam).

Place the inner lining inside the bottle bag so that the reverse side of the outer and lining fabric are facing each other.

Pin/clip around the edges of the handles, turning in your 0.25” seam allowance as you go. When you get to the curved edges of the handles either snip into the curves (or use pinking shears) and continue pinning/clipping in place. 

Baste together to make it easier to sew later. Either machine or hand sew around the edges. I decided to hand finish with a blanket stitch.

Voila, the finished bottle bag is done! It even stands on its own without anything inside. Feel free to add any embellishments you want – I added a Christmas Tree to mine.

The photo shows the different size bottles that fit snugly inside; the one inside the bag was the tallest I had at 12.5”. I think I’ll be making a few more of these.

I would heartily recommend using the Vlieseline Style-Vil Fix as a ‘wadding’ option for any project you are making that needs a protective covering. I folded it in half, scrunched it up just to see how it responded. It bounced back into shape quickly and, despite its thickness, (just shy of 0.25”), it’s not that heavy. It sewed easily on a standard domestic sewing machine too. Why not try it for yourself?

Many thanks to Vlieseline for supplying this product and to for giving me the opportunity to write this review.

Happy Sewing Everyone

Carol Lightburn

Twitter: @quiltsewgo

Instagram: quiltsewgo