Plastic clips have been around for some years now. I find them particularly useful for holding my binding over when sewing it down by hand so when Clover were kind enough to send me a set of their Wonder Clips to try out, I was keen to have a play with them.

Clover Wonder Clips

I had the variety pack sent to me, which was wonderful because it gave me all three sizes. They are also available in separate Regular, Mini or the Jumbo size packs should you wish a particular size.

Regular Clip
Mini Clip
Jumbo Clip

But why do I like these? There are several reasons. They make a good replacement for pins. A bit safer when I’m in front of the TV, sewing binding by hand, I can just pull them off without the worry of pricking a finger or loosing a pin in the sofa leaving a trap for my husband to find! They have a flat back so slip on easily, without distortion. All the sizes have measuring lines on this side so you can use them as a guide. There is also no risk of running over a pin when sewing by machine.

The clips themselves are solidly made, much better than the cheaper ones that I’ve used before. The largest of them, the Jumbo sized, would easily hold a larger binding or heavier weight fabrics. The Regular size are the same as the usually ones I’ve used before and the Minis are more pointed and precise. In the mixed pack I received there are 10 Mini, 10 Regular and 6 Jumbo clips.

Clover products are available nationwide from all craft, knitting and hobby shops. For stockist information, contact Clover mail: [email protected]