I was recently asked if I would like to do a product review for Vlieseline by UKQU.  Obviously I was grateful to be given the chance and It was perfect timing as The UKQU Bloggers Retreat was booked for November and I had planned for the retreat to involve some Festive Sewing for my home.

My idea was to create a Christmas quilted table runner, so with my collection of favourite Christmas fabrics and the Soft Cotton Vlieseline it seemed the perfect collaboration!


A needle punched wadding  of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has the added support of a scrim, allowing an excellent combination of a soft hand feel and a lightweight construction while still providing significant stability and support.

Especially developed for quilts but is also very well suitable for lightweight jackets.  For duvets, quilts and tapestries as well as light clothing, such as jackets and coats, and accessories. Suitable for use with all fabrics.

Processing is great whether Sewn in by hand or using a sewing machine.

1. To create a durable and high-quality product, spacing between quilting seams should not exceed 10 cm.

2. 279 is a natural product and therefore requires a certain degree of care when cleaning. A pre-wash is to be recommended to avoid later shrinkage. Please do not wring out, simply squeeze lightly and lay out flat to dry.

Advantages, Very soft texture, Low weight and a good stabilisation function


Festive Quilted Table Runner Tutorial By Nicola Hills

I have previously made a Christmas Stocking in this way, which was the inspiration for the table runner.  However I only had scraps of the fabrics left over so unable to give exact fabric requirements.

The finished size is 59.5” x 13”

You will need: Front, Backing & Binding Fabrics, Soft Cotton Mix Wadding

Tools Required: Sewing machine, Basic Sewing kit

So, how did I create this?

Cut 3” Diamonds, as explained earlier, I could only use the fabrics I had available so I just cut as many as I could.

When piecing into strips you will need to place the diamonds R/S together, offset

Once you have sewn the diamond strips you will then need to join them together.

This is a task which demands patience and accuracy


(please do not look closely at my points 🙁 I must of unpicked the strips several times)

Only having 34” length of the main runner meant I needed to add 5.5” to the runner top length

I wanted a 10” piece either side trailing to a point.



*Top Tip 1/4” seam allowance used throughout’


To  make up the length required I cut 3” x 2” strips and sewed them together before adding them to the outside of the inner diamond pattern which created a border effect which you can see in the finished runner photograph below.

At this stage I had a rectangle quilt top, now I wanted to add a 10” piece to drape down each side falling into a point for tassels (Much love for Tassels/Pom Poms)

I cut 13” x 2” strips, sewed them together. Marking the centre of the bottom layer, I then drew a diagonal line up each side to create the point.


Vliseline had provided this sample for me to use, this is the first project I chose to use it on. This Soft Cotton Mix 80/20 is very lightweight but probably the warmest, I have used for its thickness, It’s also extremely soft to touch. This would make it perfect for Baby Quilts,Lap & Bed Quilts also Clothing!

Using the Vlieseline sample I sandwiched the wadding between the base fabric and topper. and quilted it before trimming away the excess.

I used the same fabric as I used for the backing to create binding made from 1.5″ width strips.   I joined them diagonally so they lay well..

With R/S together place the binding on top of the edge of the quilt top, sewing down along a 1/4″ lline all the way around. This can then be folded over towards the back and the binding hand stitched for neatness.

And there you have it. Just needs a gorgeous tassel to complete! I made mine just by cutting many thin strips of fabric.

I hope you like it and I look forward to seeing your own makes.

Nicky Hills x

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