2 weeks before Christmas  back in 202I decided to write a Christmas story for my grandsons, who were staying from the 21st. Aged 6 and 4 I couldn’t find a story I thought they would like, a story that had a few more words and less pictures to the page. So I decide to write them one and illustrate it with stitched pictures.


So the story was written first. Whitby had just hosted its 5th Krampus run. I have taken part in each one. My character is Frau Percht, a Christmas Witch although this story is about a little lost Krampus. And Gulliver of course who helps him find his mum and dad, with a little help from the man in Red.


It ended up being 20 stitched pictures long! So a marathon just before Christmas. I used some local landmarks that the boys could find and visit, as well as local events which we subsequently went to.


I used my go to technique of drawing and stitching using reverse appliqué from the back. All of the fabric is from my stash, non is new, but it’s hardly made any impact on it. This time I attached the words and images into a pre-existing sketchbook for ease and time.


It was read and loved, but with Christmas being so busy I completely forgot to take pictures of the boys with it. So here are some of the pictures for you to enjoy.