One the highlights of our six-month stay in the Chesapeake Bay area of the United States on Coromandel was the cruise up to Washington DC – 90 miles up the Potomac River. On our way back, we decided to anchor at Fairview Beach.  We’d had supper and were settling down to read for the evening, when a crack of thunder and a rattle of the anchor chain signalled the start of one of the brief but nasty squalls to which the area is prone – and this one was coming straight down the river towards us.  “We’ll move”, said Andy.  So in the midst of all the thunder, lightning and torrential rain, he pulled up the anchor while I steered us to starboard down the river.  As we passed Riverside, we had a glimpse of a spectacular sunset beneath a thick, black cloud.  So that is what I stitched here.

The techniques used are applique with embroidery, chain stitch, in metallic threads.  Each golden lightning bolt – and there were several of them! – is tipped with a gold bead. Big stitch quiting is used to show the rain that fell in a continuous torrent until we re-set the anchor about half-an-hour later.

The fabrics are reminders of places too. The green at the bottom from La Reunion in the Indian Ocean, the leaf fabric from Whangarei in New Zealand, the red/yellow from Durbanville in South Africa and the grey from Los Llanos de Aridane in La Palma, Canary Islands.  So another Tiem Machine bring back memories of all the places featured in the quilt, and the overall quilt of an unforgettable experience in the USA.