Unfortunately, we can’t always be with our loved ones; sometimes because they live too far away, and in other cases because they are no longer with us. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share this simple make so you can make your own version. The pattern is perfect as a unique gift for those we love; and it will definitely last longer than any flowers!

Recently, I was asked to create a memory cushion for a friend, for her to give away as a Valentine’s Day gift. She asked for it to be ‘simple’ but to convey lots of love. For me, love is symbolised by hearts and cuddles. Looking through my Instagram and other places on the internet, I was reminded of a simple heart pattern, which I had come across as part of a Siblings Together project. 

Creating memories

The hearts require a very small amount of fabric, so you can create a personalised memory cushion with only a tiny amount of special fabrics. If you happen to have e.g. a shirt to use, this would probably be enough for at least the front of the cushion, with the back possibly made from another fabric; or another shirt (you could event consider re-using the existing row of buttons for the opening).

Providing cuddles and comfort


My friend gave me some lovely two-tone blue batik which she asked me to use. I decided to pair it with a range of low volume fabrics from my stash. As a final touch, I also added a blue pompom trim. 

By selecting a colour scheme and fabrics you love, and which you believe the recipient will love, you can create a truly unique and personalised cushion for any occasion; including e.g. by using Christmas or Halloween fabrics for a more seasonal version.

The size of the cushion (20″ x 12″) makes it ideal for cuddles.

Get hold of your pattern

To get the step-by-step pattern, please visit my shop. You need to be able to follow instructions, and some experience of making quilt blocks would be beneficial, but not absolutely necessary. To make the pattern beginner friendly and as easy as possible, there is no foundation paper piecing involved and no zip is required.

The customised cushion for my friend, and another one in the background

Lots of love
/ Nina xx