I love this time of year.  Every morning on my way to work, I drive past a small wood.  Through the trees, as I go up the hill, I can spy the bluebells.  As I go up round the corner, the wood just opens up and there is a thick carpet of bluebells.  Every morning, it makes me smile, it’s such a good way to start the day.

Over half the world’s populations of these iconic wildflowers grow in the UK where they are protected by law.  If you dig up wild bluebells, you can be heavily fined.  Landowners are not allowed to dig them up and sell them.  The bluebell is quite delicate, so avoid trampling them when walking.  It can take several year for the seed to grow into a bulb and flower.

The Spanish Bluebell is invasive in this country and is classed as a weed.  It is stronger than the delicate English Bluebell.  So how do you tell the difference?  The Spanish Bluebell is upright, with flowers around all sides of the stem, whereas the English Bluebell has the characteristic bend at the top of the stalk caused by all the flowers being on one side.

While the real bluebells are enjoying their moment of beauty, I’m slowly making my way through the Bluebell Wood blocks.  You can see the next batch of fabric ready to be turned into disappearing nine patch block.

I’ll be back as soon as I’ve made more progress.  In the meantime, go out and enjoy those bluebells, they won’t be here for long.